Limentani was founded on the decoration of aircraft interiors, and the business aviation industry has remained one of our core specializations. A private jet is the epitome of high-class, and it is for this reason it must be decorated with items that perfectly reflect the personalized elegance of each and every aircraft.


We begin with meeting with the client and the designer to understand the color and pattern theme they have selected. Instead of changing things, we work together to find the perfect complimentary items. For example, if the aircraft has an established color scheme or pattern, we will selected a chinaware set to compliment it. Every detail of the final decoration is used to re-emphasize the client’s wishes.

In the case that the project is a new build, we work together with the interior designer and act as a consultant to give them decorative options. Most often, we will begin with the dining set, as it is the most important element. Based on that, we can see whether the theme will be gold or silver, contemporary or classic, etc. From there we can continue with the rest of the details including linens, blankets, glassware, and even the luxury amenities. All of these details combined flow together to create the on-board experience. We can then add an additional level of customization by personalizing the initials on selected pieces.

Jet interiors