Limentani Contract Division is the ideal partner in the different aspects of this sector, by offering highly customized solutions for commercial spaces, dining, boating, as well as for any type of project, both public and private.
Experience and tradition, combined with technological solutions and innovative materials, Limentani Contract is the solution in the contract sector.
Thanks to research in this division innovations sector has all it takes to create custom designed furniture and interior exceptional.
We provide assistance to 360 degrees offering turnkey solutions for interior projects, their production and logistics, through to installation.
Attentive to detail through quality checks throughout the process.


The Leone Limentani Contract Division is an obvious answer to the markets growing demand for a supplier who has the capacity and capabilities to entertain small to large projects to complement the foundations Leone Limentani built in its Portico D’Ottavia shop, the opening of our new store in Via Po 146 was established to service the tremendous growing demand we were receiving from clients in Europe, where clients needed a space to view our extensive collection of product and discuss their options for their interiors. Leone Limentani is dedicated to offering you the finest for your home through exclusive furniture, interior design and personal service available, we look forward to your visit to any of our showrooms where we can demonstrate our professional expertise.