Wedding in City Hall does not mean sacrificing elegance.
The bride, however, will avoid ‘the long dress and will replace’ the veil with a hairstyle, never showy.
And ‘admitted the hat, but without flaps, to be removed before the reception. The dress potra ‘also be colored, but never black nor purple. Allowed a gold necklace and small earrings, no rings. Even the groom will wear a classic suit dark as we would wear for the ceremony in the church.

If the bride and groom are the second marriage, will be ‘preferred an intimate ceremony with just family and friends. As for invitations, wedding favors and wedding lists, civil and religious marriage are no different.


When the bride will come ‘to the Church, his mother and brothers of the bride will be in their seats to the left of the altar and the groom’s family will sit’ on the opposite side. The groom, along with witnesses, wait in front of the Church.
The bride will be the entrance to the church, to the left of the father and maintain a serene expression, without, however, even with a healthy nod.
Arrived at the altar, the groom greet the kissing her hand and take her place at his left.
At the end of the ceremony, however, the bride will come out ‘to the right of her husband. Behind the bride and groom, the father of her with his mother, her mother with the father of him, then, relatives and friends. The rice will be launched with focus only on the outside of the church and potra ‘be replaced or mixed with white flower petals.


And ‘the groom must’ provide for the purchase. Faith can be yellow or white gold or platinum. Inside will be ‘engraved with the wedding date and the names of the bride and groom. On the faith of him there will be ‘her name and vice versa.
The groom will deliver ‘faiths to one of the witnesses who then give’ to the priest. If the bride is accompanied by pageboy and bridesmaids, the wedding rings will be brought to them and they will be resting on a pillow.


The flowers will be chosen tune all’addobbo of the church and the shape of the bouquet will fit the dress.
Sara ‘the homage that her boyfriend will send’ to his future bride. If the bride is a widow or second marriage, give up ‘orange blossom.


Four or two, it’s always family and friends, men and women, who are particularly dear to the couple.
Witnesses it is important to make a gift and the gift will be reciprocated with a special wedding favor, perhaps, engraved with the initials of the couple.


Who will participate in ‘to a marriage must’ fit the tone of the ceremony aside jeans or complete sports jackets or sweatshirts. Always better, for him, the dark suit with the whole broken.
A tip for the ladies, the white dress will ‘be avoided, reserved for the bride.


They may be from two to four, younger brothers or cousins ​​of the spouses, children of friends, but never too small. Speciality Shops for ceremonies will advise the clothing more ‘suitable, always respecting the style of the ceremony.
Pageboys and bridesmaids await the bride in the churchyard. May precede or follow the bride holding her veil. A choice of two can stay ahead of the bride and the other two as a result.


With the trust must ‘be decided on the color of the flowers and the setting for both the ceremony in the Church and for civil liability.
Will be sung in the style of the ceremony also compositions for the reception.


Directed by some organ, soprano or tenor and choose between the religious repertoire those songs that most ‘nourish your taste.


The car, preferably, will be ‘white or blue.
If you do not have a suitable, potra ‘be rented sedan and a few flowers will be affixed on the instrument panel as well as a composition visible from the rear window. No marches blaring.


The photo shoot will not have to ‘create disorder without force sent to spouses and continuous displacements.
Typically a photographer will take pictures while another will use the camera.
Especially during the religious ceremony, the presence of the photographer must ‘be discreet.
Souvenir photos with family and friends will be taken before lunch, dinner or buffet, when all posted are still in the clothes ironed and makeup is not smudged.