Geneva Sound System

Each Geneva Sound System is much more than a common speaker for iPod / iPhone. The Geneva Lab is in fact recognized as the inventor of high fidelity for iPod, once connected only to low-level external speakers. Like true hifi systems, they offer versatility and more than a single function. All models come with a built-in digital FM radio and equipped with an external antenna for better signal reception. The larger models are equipped with built-in CD player and use sophisticated control systems to minimize the distortion, making it compatible with the common commercial CDs and rewritable discs with MP3 or other common file types.

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Addon T3 WhiteAddon T3 Multiple

Addon T3 is the perfect speaker to take with you when you need good music. Out in the garden, on the balcony, on a picnic or out of the park. T3 plays amazingly well with clear treble and deep bass. With simple operation, elegant portability and sound characteristics that will surprise the most inveterate hifi enthusiasts puts T3 in a completely separate standard for portable audio. And maybe the best battery life on the market – 30 hours at half volume and 12 hours at maximum volume!

Audio Pro’s specialty since 1978 is the big sound from small speakers. Our engineers have optimized the acoustic design to render an amazing dynamic, deep bass and sound pressure in abundance. Advanced audio technology and acoustic experience provides a speaker with simple handling and plenty of musical enjoyment. Simply great sound for your money.