From a lot of years we have been operating in the field of exclusive Super Yachts worldwide.

Come and discover the vastness of our products to complement each other with elegance and sophistication, our collections include hundreds of items and accessories to meet the needs of every shipowner.

We also turn to your special requests with customizations on any kind of material, while constantly working to maintain a service standard that matches the quality of our exclusive products.

Every effort will be made to satisfy your needs and to ensure that your personal contact with us is as enjoyable and convenient as possible, and thanks to our commitment and logistics, we are able to serve customers around the world.



• More than 150 brands and 20,000 products
• Customer service always active
• Sampling service for selected products

• Specific project for each environment
• Completion of export formalities, including customs declarations and VAT processing
• After-sales service and technical support
• Specific specifications for each boat

Yacht References

• M/Y Lady Moura (105.0 m )
• S/Y La Signora del Vento (85.0 m)
• M/Y High Power III (77.0 m)
• M/Y Madiz (55.0 m )
• M/Y Sea Force One (54.0 m)
• M/Y South (54.0 m)
• M/Y Endeavour (50.0 m )
• M/Y Aurora (49.5 m )
• M/Y Sud (48.0 m )
• M/Y Kos (36.0 m )
• S/Y Puritan (36.0 m)
• M/Y M4 (35 .5 m)
• M/Y Stae (34.0 m)
• M/Y Ab.Normal (30.0 m)
• M/Y Mastif (30.0 m )
• S/Y Orianda (28.0 m)
• M/Y  K (40.0 m)


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Brooks Brothers Luggage

Travel in style—whether vacationing overseas or heading to the office—with Brooks Brothers’ well-appointed assortment of briefcases, duffel bags, travel bags, messenger bags, backpacks and accessories made from premium materials including leather, suede, wool, canvas, cotton, crocodile and alligator.

Our signature briefcase styles make ideal accompaniments to business suits, sports coats and dress trousers. Our travel and duffel bags are quality-made and suited for jet setting, thanks to their smart, roomy design features and timeless looks. Available in a wide array of colors and styles, Brooks Brothers’ travel bags and briefcases are sophisticated essentials.


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Art de la table


Wallpaper by Andrew Martin.

Andrew Martin aim to bring together style, elegance, comfort and an element of escapism from everyday life. They bringing together eclectic influences from around the world, creating connections to other cultures, another time and place encouraging an emotional as well as an aesthetic response.

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Sound System

Modern Living

Houseology Bestseller: Andrew Martin Rebel Sofa

A style barometer for our time,” the Andrew Martin Furniture collection combines glamor with ancient tradition.

And a rare thing that one piece of furniture can make a difference enriching a room. This is exactly what ‘that’s the Rebel Sofa Andrew Martin. A stunning sofa Chesterfield style upholstered in light brown distressed leather which gives it an antique and elegant appearance.

It a fusion of contemporary and traditional which makes it perfect for a decoration in a classic setting, and is in the current one.

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Colors to live

Moderne ispirazioni

Sempre attenta ad individuare e interpretare le tendenze del mercato, l’azienda ogni anno crea nuove collezioni utilizzando diversi e prestigiosi materiali, che si accostano e si mixano per soluzioni sorprendenti ed insolite.

Fine porcellana, smalti shocking e tinte sature, l’oro e il bianco totale, i cristalli ultra trasparenti o colorati, seta e metalli lucenti, pouf morbidi e insoliti effetti materici.

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Kitchen design

Best-Sellers in nuove tonalità by Joseph & Joseph

We have collected some of our best sellers and we gave it a new look, infusing them with the classic brilliant hues Joseph & Joseph with pastel colors.

This extremely practical range is adaptable to any corner of the kitchen, without compromising functionality.


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Kitchen Aid Artisan Nespresso

La macchina da caffè Artisan Nespresso unisce l’inconfondibile design Kitchen Aid all’eccellenza tecnica Nespresso.

Dedicata a tutti gli amanti del caffè, questa macchina permette di preparare in modo semplice e veloce un caffè gustoso arricchito da una schiuma dedicata.